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Bare Root Edibles

Our Dave Wilson Nursery fruit trees, and Grapes, Berries, & more from L.E. Cooke have arrived!

Here is a list of the Bare Root Edibles that will be available this year!

Below are general pricing of bare root trees, however, prices may vary.

Single Graft Trees: $34.99 (Some exceptions)
Persimmon Trees: $54.99
Mulberry Trees: $44.99
Multi Graft 3n1 Trees: $54.99
Multi Graft 4n1 Trees: $64.99
Fruit Salad 4n1 Trees: $69.99
4n1 Espaliered Trees: $69.99 (Coming Soon!)
6n1 Espaliered Trees: $79.99 (Coming Soon!)
4x12 Sleeves: Prices Vary

When you buy 3 or more Bare Root at a time, get 10% Off!

Type- Rootstock, Height (Unpruned)


Note: Semi Dwarf trees can easily be pruned to any desired height.

  • Anders- TM, 15'-25' 
  • Fuji- M-111, 15'-25' Sold Out!
  • Gala- M-111, D-8 Sold Out!
  • Granny Smith- M-111, 15'-25'  Sold Out!
  • Gravenstein- M-111, 15'-25' Sold Out!
  • Honeycrisp- M-111, 15'-25' Sold Out!
  • Pink Lady- Geneva 935 & M-111, 15'-25'
  • Semi-Dwarf Pink Lady

  • 3n1 Multi-Graft- M-111,15'-25'
         -3 of:  Fuji,Gala,Golden Delicious, Red Delicious
  • 4n1 Multi Graft-M-111, 15'-25'
         -4 of: Fuji, Gala,Golden Delicious,Red Delicious   
  • 4n1-Espaliered 2 tier       Sold Out!
         -4 of: Varieties Below
  • 6n1- Espaliered  3 tier- M-7   Sold Out!    
    -6 of: Red Delicious, Yellow Delicious, Gravenstein, Gala,Fuji, Braeburn


  • Autumn Glo- Citation, 8'-14' Sold Out!
  • Blenheim- Citation, 8'-14'
  • Harcot- St. Julian, 8'-14'
  • Tilton- Citation, 8'-14'
  • Tomcot


  • Bing- Colt, 22'-30'
  • Black Tartarian- Colt, 22'-30'   
  • Craig's Crimson- Colt, 22'-30'
  • Lapins-Colt, 22'-30'
  • Mini Royal- Colt, 22'-30'
  • Rainier
  • Royal Lee- Colt, 22'-30'
  • Royal Rainier
  • 3n1 Multi-Graft -Colt, 22'-30'     Sold Out!
         -3 of: Black Tartarian,Bing,Lapin,Van
  • 4n1 Multi-Graft- Colt, 22'-30'   Sold Out!    
    -4of: Black Tartarian,Bing,Lapin,Van


  • Black Jack
  • Black Mission (4"x12" pots), 25'  Sold Out!
  • Brown Turkey (4"x12" pots), 25'
  • Peter's Honey Fig
  • White Genoa, 25'

Fruit Salads:

  • 3n1-Nemaguard, 15'-25'  Sold Out!    
    - 3 of: - July Elberta, Frost Peach,Babcock,SR-Plum,Blenheim
  • 4n1- Nemaguard, 15'-25'   Sold Out!     
    4 of: July Elberta, Frost Peach,Babcock,SR-Plum,Blenheim


  • Pakistan Fruiting Bush     Sold Out!


  • Arctic Jay White-Citation, 8'-14'     Sold Out!
  • Dwarf Red Sunset   Sold Out!
  • Dwarf Southern Belle
  • Double Delight- Citation, 8'-14' Sold Out!
  • Fantasia-Citation, 8'-14'
  • Heavenly White- Citation, 8'-14'
  • Independence- Citation, 8'-14'
  • Snow Queen-Citation, 8'-14'


  • Arbequina (4"x12" pots)- I-43, 10-20'
  • Arbosana
  • Manzanillo (4"x12" pots)


  • Arctic Supreme White- Citation, 8'-14'
  • Dwarf Citation
  • Indian Blood Cling-Citation, 8'-14'
  • Indian Free- Citation, 8'-14' 
  • Golden Glory Dwarf- 5'
  • Harken Peach- St. Julian, 14'-18' Sold Out!
  • O'Henry- Citation, 8'-14'
  • Redhaven- Lovell, 15'-25'    Sold Out!
  • Saturn- Citation, 8'-14'
  • Snow King White- Citation, 8'-14'      
  • Southern Sweet  Dwarf- 5'   Sold Out!
  • Strawberry Free- Lovell, 15'-25'

  • 3n1- Lovell, 15'-25'
         -3 of:Frost, Q-1-8,Indian Free, Muir
  • 4n1- Lovell, 15'-25'
         -4 of: Frost, Q-1-8,Indian Free, Muir


  • Bartlett- OHxF333, 12'-18'    Sold Out!
  • Bosc-OHxF333, 12'-18'  Sold Out!
  • Comice- OHxF333, 12'-18'    Sold Out!
  • D'Anjou- OHxF333, 12'-18' 
  • Sensation Red Bartlett- OHxF333, 12'-18'    Sold Out!
  • 3n1 multi-graft- OHxF333, 12'-18'  Sold Out!    
    -3 of Comice,D'anjou,Bartlett,Bosc
  • 4n1 multi-graft- OHxF333, 12'-18'  Sold Out!   
    -4 of: Comice, D'anjou,Bartlett, Bosc

Asian Pears:

  • 20th Century- OHxF333, 12'-18'   Sold Out!
  • Hosui- OHxF333, 12'-18'   Sold Out!
  • Shinko- OHxF333, 12'-18'  Sold Out!

  • 3n1 multi-graft- OHxF333, 12'-18'
         -3 of: Hosui, Shinko, 20th Century, Chojuro
  • 4n1 multi-graft- OHxF333, 12'-18' 
         -4 of:Hosui, Shinko, 20th century, Chojuro   


  • Fuyu "Jiro"- D. Lotus, 30' Sold Out!
  • Giant Fuyu- D. Lotus, 30'     Sold Out!
  • Hachiya- D. Lotus, 30'


  • Burgundy- Citation, 8'-14'   Sold Out!
  • Emerald Beaut- Citation, 8'-14'
  • Golden Nectar- Citation, 8'-14'   Sold Out!
  • Late Santa Rosa- Citation, 8'-14'   Sold Out!
  • Santa Rosa- Citation, 8'-14'  Sold Out!
  • Satsuma-Citation, 8'-14'  Sold Out!
  • 4 n 1 Japanese Nubiana-Citation, 8'-14'   Sold Out!    
    -4 of: Nubiana,Elephant Heart,Late SR,Laroda,Beauty 


  • Sweet Treat- Myro 29C


  • Flavor Supreme- Citation, 8'-14'    Sold Out!

  • 4n1 multi-graft, Citation, 8'-14' Sold Out!   
    -4 of: Flavor King,Flavor Queen,Flavor Supreme,Dapple Dandy  


  • Eversweet (4"x12" pot)-15'-20' 
  • Wonderful (4x12"pot)-15-20'
  • Wonderful- 15-20'     Sold Out!


  • French Improved- Citation, 8'-14'
  • Early Italian   Sold Out!

Bare Root Berries 


  • Eclair (Springbearing)- This "short day" variety has early season productivity of medium-large, wedge-shaped, extremely sweet and fragrant berries, with medium firm flesh. With parent stock consisting of both springbearing and everbearing varieties, it will produce longer into the season than Sequoia and other springbearing varieties
  • Eversweet (Everbearing)- Fruits throughout Spring, Summer, and Fall, even when temperatures are over 90 degrees . Outstanding flavor, and works well in bedding plants packs and in hanging  baskets. 


  • Black Satin-Thornless, vigorous grower, excellent for home gardens. Medium to large  black berries with honey sweet flavor. Heavy yielding semi-erect plant with improved quality and hardiness. Rarely suckers and is very disease resistant.  Hardy to  - 15 degrees F
  • Regular
  • Marion


  • Thornless   Sold Out!
  • Regular

Raspberries: SOLD OUT!

  • Canby Red- Medium to large light red berry. Firm, sweet and excellent for fresh use or freezing. Vigorous canes. Nearly thornless at harvest heights. Likes cooler summers. High level of virus and aphid immunity. Moderate winter hardiness. Hardy to zone 5. Ripens: June
  • Fall Gold- Large yellow, very sweet berries are juicy & firm.  Vigorous grower. Everbearing.  Ripens July & September in warmer areas and late spring and July-August right up to hard frost in cold areas. A good choice for Northern gardens. Hardy to zone 4.
  • Heritage
  • Indian Summer

Blueberries 4x12 pots:

  • Bluecrop
  • Liberty   Sold Out!
  • O'Neal-  Large fruit is especially sweet and flavorful. Low chill requirement. Tolerates heat. 5 -6 ft. Ripens: Early  Southern Highbush                                                                 
  • Sunshine Blue- Compact habit to only 2 - 3 ft. Heavy producer. Showy pink flowers.Tolerates higher pH soils better than other varieties.Ripens: Mid Season. Southern highbush        
  • Top Hat- Dwarf variety growing 16" to 24" tall. Medium, firm, sweet, light blue berries that last for several weeks. Good flavor. Completely covered with white,bell shaped flowers lasting for several weeks. Great fall color. self fruitful. Great for pots on a patio. Lowbush.

Bare Root Grapes

Seedless Table Grapes:

  • Crimson Seedless 4x12 pot   Sold Out!
  • Flame Seedless 4x12 pot
  • Flame Seedless
  • Golden Muscat 4x12 pot
  • Thompson Seedless

Wine Grapes:

  • Cabernet
  • Chardonay
  • Merlot
  • Shiraz
  • Zinfandel

Other Bare Root Edibles


  • Victoria-Very popular for pies, sauces and canning. Tart flavored, succulent, perennial plant providing vigorous, red, heavy, thick stalks. Grows well in all climates but prefers cool seasons.Plant root divisions in 5' rows, 3' apart in well drained soil with shade. As a seedling grown plant, some variation of color will be evident between plants. Mature height is 2'-3' with a spread of 2'-3'. Cold hardy to U.S.D.A. Zone 3.


  • UC72- Developed at UC Davis, this variety is more heat and drought tolerant than other varieties. Yields heavy dark green spears with fairly compact heads. Vigorous grower. Rust & disease resistant. Harvest March & June 

Links to more information on Fruit Trees & Berries: