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Gifting a Tree Project

If you have lost your home and/or landscape in any of the Sonoma, Lake and Napa County Fires, you can receive a free tree.
When: Jan 23rd & 24th 10am - 4pm
Where: Harmony Ag Supply 1175 River Rd, Fulton
How: Just bring your proof of loss to receive your tree
Donators: Please bring your trees to Prickett's or donate funds for trees by Jan 21st so that we can deliver all of the donated trees to the give away site on Jan 22nd.
You can also bring your tree(s) to Harmony Ag Supply directly.
Please contact Kathy Blair with questions on their  
Face Book page   
or 927-2084 


4" Perennials

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Perennials are perfect for one time planting and repeat blooming year after year!


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All Master Nursery Fertilizers

Stock up and save on those necessary nutrients for healthy and productive plants! Choose from water solubles, granules and liquids.

Selection will vary at each store.



Plant & Product of the Month

January 2nd through Januray 31st, 2020

 Plant of the Month


15% percent off ALL month!


A great way to bring new life into your home or office in the new year!
Great for increasing oxygen and overall air quality!

Product of the Month

Liqui-Cop & Pest Fighter



Liqui-Cop: Controls many diseases attacking citrus, fruit, nuts, vegetables, and ornamentals.

Pest Fighter: Kills whitefly, aphids, spider mites, scale, mites, mealybug, thrips, fungus gnats, and more.

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Our bare root fruit trees have arrived!

Take a look at some of our varieties on our bare root fruit tree page:

External link opens in new tab or windowhttp://prickettsnursery.com/bare-root-fruit-trees


Our bare root Weeks roses have arrived!

Check out our varieties on our bare root roses page:
Note that our David Austins have NOT arrived yet


Store Hours:

Healdsburg Location Tues - Sun: 9am - 5:00pm

Santa Rosa Location  Tues - Sun: 9am - 5:30pm


If you have lost your home or landscape in any of the fires, please fill out an application for our Wildfire Landscaping Assistance Program.

If you need some help in creating a more fire resistant landscape, please visit:


Just a reminder,
10% Senior Discount now offered
EVERY DAY, not just Tuesday!

Please be sure to let our cashiers know if you are over 55 at the beginning of checking out at the register and when placing orders for delivery or curb-side pick-up.


Active Military & Veterans, Fire Fighters, Police, Healthcare workers, EMS, and Teachers  
also receive  
10% off EVERY DAY!
 (Excluding sale items, services & already discounted items.)


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Thank you and we look forward to continuing to serve your gardening needs, even in these trying times.


Facial Coverings are required while shopping with us, both inside & outside in the nursery.  

Please consider that though you may intend to stay 6ft away from others while outside, that by not wearing a mask, you are preventing others from safely and comfortably shopping down the same aisles and areas that you are or have recently been.    

It is very important to us to create a safe and comfortable environment for everyone, so please be respectful to our staff and fellow gardeners by wearing a mask at all times while shopping with us.       

If you cannot wear a facial covering for any reason, we kindly ask that you place a curb-side pick up, instead. 


CurbSide Pick-Up Available at Both Locations

Click here for our Healdsburg Order Form: http://prickettsnursery.com/curbsidehealdsburg
Click here for our Santa Rosa Order Form: http://prickettsnursery.com/curbsidesantarosa

If you prefer to shop from home or need help planning your visit to the nursery,  
please go to: External link opens in new tab or windowprickettsnursery.com/at-the-nursery to view our fall vegetable start list, soil products, annual and perennial lists and more. Please be sure to list color preferences when ordering annuals and perennials. Please don't hesitate or call or email us should you have any questions or need suggestions!