We proudly provide our customers with Dave Wilson's high quality bare root fruit trees. The photos in the banner above were provided by them. A list of the varieties shown from left to right, top to bottom: Fuji Apple, Black Jack Fig, French Improved Prune, Fuyu Jiro Persimmon, Arctic Jay Nectarine, and Harcot Apricot.

     This is a list of all the bare root fruit trees and berries that we have or will have soon! All tree heights listed are UNPRUNED heights. Most trees can be easily maintained at 8 to 12 feet with summer pruning. Due to space, our Healdsburg location has larger quantities, but transfers between stores are free so don't hesitate to ask!

Click the fruit types below to view the varieties and information of what is available at our nurseries this year. We will keep this list updated on a weekly basis, but availability may change prior to updates. So please call ahead to see if we have the variety you want in stock.

Single & Multi Variety Fruit Trees:

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